Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's been a long time

It's been a long time since I posted.  I didn't realize it had been so long.  This past year and a half has been a whirl wind of activity and changes.  I am still a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and still love their products and still get to create, just not as much as I use to before. At least not yet, but changes keep happening, so hopefully I'll get more time soon.  

This past year I encountered a ton of health issues and at times found it difficult just to keep up with life.  Battling cancer takes a toll not only on your health, your time, but also on your family and your life. But like many others I am a survivor.  By the grace of God, and love and encouragement of friends and family, I have made it through. Forever changed, but able to spend another day loving and caring for my family and sharing with my friends. God has definitely blessed me many times throughout the battle.

Having a major illness has made me re-think some things and honestly I'm still processing some possible changes.  I have been debating whether or not to restart this blog  back.  Before it was mainly just Stampin' Up! ideas and information, which I may still continue to do that way.  I've also been considering making it a compilation of all the different things I'm interested in at the moment. Both creative and items pertaining to life.  Sometimes it's just fun to share things you learn along the way.  I'm not sure how many who use to read this will check it out again or if you all have an opinion of things you'd to see or read about but I'm open to suggestions.  Do I keep it strictly Stampin' Up! or make it a mixture? 

Right now, besides crafting, I check out biblical items (bible studies, devotions, etc), organizing ideas (as I'm trying to re-vamp and catch up in my home), recipe ideas (to make my family healthier) and things that just overall improve life.   If I can combine those and be creative at the same time, it's even better.

One very, very basic organizing tip I learned recently was to put like things together.  Now I know that sounds very basic, but not having grown up being organized, it was a new concept.  I am one of those people who have a junk drawer in every room. I never thought about having one place for all like things. So I started going through some things and found multiples of some items I didn't know I had.

 For instance, Scotch tape.  When I started cleaning out and organizing some things in my home, I started collecting the tape in a box to put into one area.  I didn't realize how much tape I had collected and had until I did that. I had a shoe box full of Scotch tape and refills.   The same went for my Snail refills and other adhesives.  I made a box just for them and they are now nicely labeled on a box in my shelf and I realized I won't have to buy any for several months (smile).  So the other day when I ran out of mono adhesive, I walked over to my cabinet, pulled out my nicely labeled adhesive box and found a new one. Didn't have to go digging for one.  So basic and yet so refreshing at the same time.

So is there anything in your life that you have a "lot" of that's spread around at your house?  When I started looking around and thinking about how some of my items were laid out, I realized I have a lot of work to do.  It's refreshing though, to not have to keep up with where they are all at.  As soon as our schedule slows down a bit, I'm hoping to do even more organizing.  I can't wait until I can get into my craft room and organize it.  Maybe I'll be brave and  post some pictures. It has become our catchall room where we throw everything when we need to clean up quickly. Maybe some of you have an area like that too?  If so, you'll have to share. Maybe we can encourage each other. I definitely want to make mine usable again. Just have to work out the right timing of it all.

So give your thoughts?  Do you want just Stampin' Up! ideas or variety of ideas?  Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.

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